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Saddlescombe socks are knitted using a simple rib pattern, which creates a squishy and dense fabric that makes them snuggly and warm.  The rib pattern extends down the front of the foot and is also used for the heel flap.  They are knitted from the cuff down, in three sizes.  Saddlescombe can be found on Ravelry and Love Crafts.

Shoreham Beach

Shoreham Beach is a modular shawl, knitted in segments that are joined as you go.  It is reminiscent of the waves crashing onto the beach, and the yarn, which transitions from cream to darkest blue, represents the waves and sea foam.  Shoreham Beach can be found on Ravelry.


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Don't be put off by the stitch pattern used in these socks, as it is the perfect antidote to cable phobia!  Two stitches are crossed on the needles as you knit, creating a perfect cable twist without the use of a cable needle.  The combination of cable twists and ribbing creates a dense, warm fabric.  Tillington Socks are knitted from the cuff down in three sizes.